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Taymer is back kinda…..

February 5, 2019

Hey everyone.

I am launching a new site on February 20th with new recipes.

A lot has changed over the years.

I went through a divorce, I moved twice and now I am back in Barbados.

I have a new approach to the food industry and how my life has been hinged around food and in this new blog you would see how.

Join me on Feb 20th at

I am @sustainabletaymer on ig or @tayskitchenbb on Instagram.

See you soon

Reminder: This site has moved

May 11, 2016

Please go to


Caribbean Vegan is getting a major facelift, it is going full colour and more recipes.

The book is available on preorder now


Special Announcement :This blog has moved to a site……SUNDAY

May 5, 2015

Toronto Vegetarian Festival and a meaty review

September 2, 2013


A quick post from Canada just letting you know that yours truly will be at the Toronto Vegetarian Festival this year again.

My Demo TimesI will be doing Vegan Gourmet Food on Saturday at the Lakeside Centre at 4 pm and I will be having a session on Caribbean Street Foods on Sunday at 6 pm. This year I am throwing in a modest non sponsored giveaway from yours truly just to give back to those who came out to support.

Do come out to support this festival. It is the biggest of its kind in North America, this year they have more chefs, more exhibitors and more of everything. There will be lost of free samples a beautiful world style restaurant with lots of great plant based food to try…should i say more?

On Saturday time will be limited but I will make an hour after my demo to chat with those who want to talk.

Canada has been good as usual…the weather has been lovely..I took up outdoor jogging while I was here because I didnt want the hassle to find a gym. I have not eaten at any vegan restaurants yet but I will have an update for you on vegan eats from the festival itself.

I have been eating a lot of organic vegetables and I have been topping my salads with Gardien products.

Here I have my signature kale salad with cranberries and the Buffalo Wings. These are really good and you can make them spicy by squirting some hot sauce in the sauce packet. They char well and they hold on to the sauce good too. Their texture reminds me of chicken breast and they can be customizable or eaten as is.ImageI liked the orange chicken but you must consume it right away or the sauce will soak into the veggie chicken and it is not so nice after that. I liked the light citrus flavour and this works well on rice or noodle based dishes.


The next time I will be writing is to review the Toronto Vegetarian Festival so keep your eyes locked right here and those in North America enjoy your last days of summer.



August 6, 2013


Within the last couple of months I have turned into a “gym- geek” /”gym- freak” . I decided a few months ago that I did not like what I saw and I had the will to change it. I work out constantly and I hope to take my body to a place it has never been before. What does that have to do with this blog ???/…well…everything.. I wanted to share with you what I have been eating and drinking and, I will be doing that in the next couple of post. I will also reveal my new body then with before an after photos. No I am not looking for an exclusive on Doctor Oz but of all the so called journeys I have been on this is the most significant because I am doing it for me for the first time . Ok enough of that melodrama..lets get to this Sugar- free, almost fat free, dairy free ice cream. Before I get to the recipe here are some uses for Protein Ice cream.

1. A breakup: consume this  ice cream through the tears but, the plus is you won’t gain weight. If you see your ex again you would have some sense of triumph.” Yeah I ate that ice cream but I still look great, take that”

2. After being fired from a boss that was intimidated by you because you had a degree and he did not. While you start to think of where you will be sending out CV’s next the comfort of this protein ice cream will pacify you without the guilt.

3. Finally for that night when you missed the sleep train and you watched a slew of Netflix movies and someone in one of those movies was eating junk and you wanted to do it too. Well grab a big bowl of protein ice cream and it is just a OK!

I use Nitrofusion protein. No this is not a sponsored ad, but I hope they would see it to be honest lol. I like this protein because it is soy free and it has 25 g of protein per scoop and it is vegan of course. Here is a photo of it.


For sweets I only use stevia but if I really want that luxury sweet taste to the ice cream I use a tablespoon of agave nectar and then pump up the sweeteness with a pack of stevia…no no I am not a health nut but there is no way I am going to let my good hard work go down the drain just because I want some icecream.


So the recipe is easy….


2 cups of  non dairy milk

1 1/2 scoop protein powder

pinch of salt

1 tbs vanilla extract

1 banana

sweetener of your choice

2 tsp xanthan gum


Add everything except the gum to the blender and blend until well mix. Add in the xanthan gum and blend under the mixture is thick and creamy.

At this stage you can freeze by placing the mixture in a container and going back to it after 2 hours and breaking the ice crystals with a spoon and repeating the process again OR you can put the mixture in an icecream maker and enjoy.

Now before I get to the technical pros and cons of this type of ice cream I must tell you that if you do not do some add ins this ice cream can taste very health nutty but still decent enough to fix your cravings.

Possible add ins in this recipe ( will change the profile of it being fat free)  include 1/4 cup pecans, 1/4 cup peanut butter, 1 tbs agave nectar, cocoa powder if using chocolate protein powder and a tsp of instant coffee if using chocolate protein powder. This recipe is forgiving so go ahead and customize it to suit your needs.

Technical Cons of Protein Ice cream

1. the slight banana taste, if you hate banana on its own like me you may not like the slight banana flavour.

2. the slight heavy mouth feel from the protein powder especially if you are eating this as soft serve and not in hard scoops.

3. Being that it is fat free it freezes rock solid and you have to thaw for a few minutes before attempting to scoop


1.You can a lot of it without feeling guilty

2.It can be used as a post workout substitute for a shake

3. It is a new and exciting way to consume protein powder

Here, my add ins were peanut butter and pecans. It was further dressed with agave nectar, bananas, chopped peanuts and melted pure dark chocolate.


Here I added in 2 tbs cocoa powder, 1 tbs agave and a heaping tsp of coffee to enhance the chocolate flavour.


Ok now to drinks…

Now most Caribbean people like “juice” with their meals because of the types of flavours that are in our food juice goes well with the dishes. Juice is bad news for me since want to have a lean body so i resort to just water and on special ocassions, I pick a coconut from my tree and drink the water…OR, I turn to Crystal Light when things get really bad.

Recently, I have been making a lot of drinks at home that would we welcomed by someone who does not consume sugar.

I present the Lime Kiss/ Lime Ginger Kiss/ Lime Strawberry Kiss


2 limes juiced

1 cup ice

1 cup water

5 mint leaves

1 tbs agave nectar

1 small pack of stevia

Method blend well and serve immediately.

For the Ginger Kiss add 2×2 inch of ginger to the recipe

For the strawberry Kiss add two strawberries to the recipe


Finally ish

I just wanted to introduce you to the Shangobrand. They specialize in serving the vegan community with shirts with upbeat slogans and themes and their Vegan Farmer shirt is really cool. I love the font, the colours, everything. No they didn’t give me a shirt I just like to connect with brands that I would wear myself. The Vegan Farmer shirt connects people and being proud of preferring plants and growing them. Check them out!


I will be in TDOT…do people still say that for the 29th Annual Vegetarian Festival. In my next blog post I will divulge all of the juicy news about it. Until then……

Magnum Mini Temptation

June 27, 2013

I moved out from this site follow me and get updates at or follow me on IG @therealcaribbeanvegan


Sitting in my small student bedroom at home in Barbados I sighed. It was that time of the month and even if I wanted to shake it I was craving chocolate and lots of it. Never having a permanent sweet tooth I looked out of the airless window. The summers were getting hotter in Barbados and my sweat was sandy and I felt eternally parched.


That is when I saw him/ it. A small van cranking out an unfamiliar melody. This wasn’t the BICO truck. Who was he/ it. A smooth dark face with big eyes,straight nose and hair plait back in cornrow, held back with a stocking drove the mini van. “Is he selling ice cream?” I asked my mother who lazily lounged in the house. ” How should I know Taymer I never saw that van before!”Image He was parked about 100 metres from my house which was strange because there was no sight of children. Maybe he saw when I peered through the wooden louvers, maybe he knew I was craving a sweet chocolate treat, maybe he just had to stop.

“What you selling?” “Magnums” he  exhaled looking disinterested. “How much?” “Three fifty”

After the money was exchanged from my now sweaty palm I went inside and tore off the metallic wrapping and sat on my bed with my mother eagerly looking on. I bit in the hard chocolate segment fell on the ground and almost immediately started to melt under the hot Bajan summer. The chocolate coating was sugary sweet and rich and the ice cream in the middle was just as rich.


When I see magnums displayed in freezers all over the world secretly I feel for a split second to give up my veganism for that few minutes of that pleasure I first had  on that hot Bajan summer back in the 90’s. I never succumbed to this temptation of perfection in foil wrapping but I ended my cravings this summer  with four versions of my favourite ice cream bar. Yep I love them so much I made four different kinds and now you can make them.

Vegan  Chocolate Dipped Ice cream Bar Version 1

Makes approximately 10 ice cream pops

This version uses a 3/4 fat vegan ice cream recipe with vanilla extract that turns the cream slightly off- white. The ice cream is frozen in a rectangular Tupperware contained and sliced. The ice cream slices are then dipped in a hot chocolate topping and frozen three times to achieve an ultra thick shell. An optional caramel drizzle is added and then the bars undergo further freezing.

Ice cream section

1 1/2 cup soy- milk/ non dairy milk

1 cup soy creamer/ non dairy creamer

1/4 cup vegan butter

1/4 cup neutral oil/ canola/ g rapeseed

pinch of salt

1/2 cup light brown sugar (i do not like the flavour of white sugar, I am Bajan so…)

1 tsp of brown sugar mixed in with 1/4 tsp xanthan gum

1 tsb arrowroot powder mixed in with 2 tbs non dairy milk

1 tsp vanilla extract


Add soy milk, creamer, butter, oil, salt and sugar to a pot and bring it to a gentle simmer.

Slowly sprinkle in the gum and sugar mixture stirring the mixture. Increase heat and when the custard begins to bubble take  the pot off the heat and add the well mixed arrowroot milk mixture. Slowly drizzle in the  arrowroot mixture gently stirring.

Cool for a minimum of three hours

No Ice cream Maker ( Bummer, buy one! just kidding)

Place the container with the chilled mixture in the freezer. After three hours take out the ice cream and break the ice crystals. Stir vigorously until you are left with a frozen cream. Place back in the freezer. After two hours do the same thing again. After two hours repeat. Transfer into a rectangular or square plastic container and freeze overnight.

Ice cream Maker ( Yes I agree, great investment)

Follow the directions on the ice cream maker and churn until done.

Transfer into a rectangular or square plastic container and freeze overnight.

Next day….

Cut the ice cream in squares, mine measured 2.5 x 2.5 inches. Stick the Popsicle sticks inside and set aside on a line tray in the freezer.

Chocolate Coating

1 1/4 cup chocolate chips

1/2 cup coconut oil

1/2 cup slightly baked slivered almonds, optional


Clear your kitchen counter and freezer or any junk …this can get messy and you want decent looking pops.Place all ingredients in a microwave safe bowl and nuke for two mins. Stir well until the mixture is hot and loose (that sounds like an insult).

Dip the naked frozen pops in the hot and loose chocolate. Immediately transfer them on the line tray in the freezer.

Freeze for a minimum of two hours before giving them to people because you won’t eat all of them right?!

I gave most of these to the workmen outside because I follow the rule when you make sweet share.

Thank you all for your comments. I have read them all and I will reply in  a few days. Thanks for waiting for me when I didn’t think I would come back, listening to my rants about recipe thieves who are still thriving, for the times I was lazy and just wanted to take photos with no recipe.


My Food Story Coconut Coleslaw: Taymer Mason is Back for Good

June 13, 2013


I now know why I never closed down this blog, how could I? It was the first place I shared my creativity with the world.

After Caribbean Vegan, life happened and, I wanted to get some professional and creative experiences outside of this blog.

I spent the last two years working in an airline catering facility as the HACCP Manager. I learnt a lot, more so about people. I got to hone in on my cooking skills and had the opportunity to cook for many private jets that landed on this escape island. Some of these invisible clients were vegan. I was able to extend myself in many ways that I couldn’t do at home.

I left that job seeking a new life experience and I decided to go into hair and beauty. Natural hair in persons of an African decent had become a hot topic to a point that it has now become a movement. I found that the only experiences that I was seeing in the mainstream media were that of black Americans or as they call themselves African American. I decided to form a Caribbean natural hair group with another young lady I met on the island and Don’t Break the Comb was founded back in 2012. It only started to pick up its momentum in May 2013. We went on to a successful hair workshop showing women on the island how to make their own hair products at home. I then began to dabble in creating my own natural hair line for Don’t Break the Comb. Currently this is an ongoing project and a work in progress with a lot of personal rewards like using ingredients that are found in the Caribbean. I am anxious about the end result of this project.



I wanted more, and even with Don’t Break the Comb building a strong following I wanted to cook again. I grew so much from Caribbean Vegan days with my new French status I was fusing my two worlds together in the kitchen and I was having these great food moments. I couldn’t share them with the world because I had suspended blogging and like that horse you fell from that you are hesitant to get back on, I was unsure on how my experience would be blogging three years later.

I later opened a small catering company called The Box Gourmet specializing in vegan catering. My first job I had three jobs on the same day. I had underestimated the planning and precision that goes into catering. With one friend in tow and two kitchens we worked feverishly during the day to cater to 300 plus people on the island. At my final gig for the night people asked my staff who was behind the catering. Someone called for me in the back and I spent the rest of the night pouring wine and talking about my Caribbean falafel to the attendees. I felt at peace with my new venture. Here is a crappy phone cam shot with my two friends that were serving that night for me.


I procrastinated until I came back here.

I don’t believe in one hit wonders…there is a special place in my heart for one hit wonders. A sadness that comes because I know there is so much more creativity where those one hit wonders came from. Like me I knew I had so much more in me post- Caribbean Vegan but, I was not creatively ready to show the world.

Present day….

I turned 30 this year….

I live by the sea now…my property has coconut and banana trees. There is a healthy tuft of lemon grass on the wall and a small herb garden. Looking at the sea creates a changing landscape that moves with me.



I am decorating the apartment attached to my house and preparing it for potential short stay visitors for the next tourist season. You see you can come here to St. Martin to my little bed and breakfast overlooking the ocean with food cooked by me. Yes that is right a Vegan B&B in St. Martin French West Indies!

I am aggressively writing a new book which will show my personal and culinary growth. I have a team of testers working on my recipes and I spend my day at home writing to you.

Here is a recipe from my new book but it has a story…..


Coconut Coleslaw and the Honest Plate of Food


Back in 2011 I was invited to do a vegan cooking workshop in Dominica, a small island just north of Guadeloupe. Approaching Dominica by plane is an awakening experience that had been hypnotized by the islands cool tropical forest charm.


The organizer of the workshop asked me to meet her in downtown Roseau. When I arrived the humidity and pitter patter of the sleepy town awoke me. It was a Caribbean city stuck in time, a time where all we wanted to do was to get what was needed for the day from the city and head back home. I was witnessing a period before my time that my birth country did not show anymore. I was intrigued.


She asked me to meet her in an ital restaurant that was her favourite on the island. I arrived with my documents in tow to an open style shack styled restaurant. The ice gold and green colours could not be missed but this was different. It was charming and unforgettable to the few photos of famous Rastafarians the owner had on display to the kind words from past visitors.


The owner was a young brown skin Rastafarian with a pair of honest eyes. He wore a garb with tribal print with the predominate colours of orange, blue, and red with a slice of green. The shelves of the kitchen carried the same material he wore. These shelves housed cracked coconut shells with the flesh still in tact and the other carried mangoes and limes.

The owner fanned a big boiling pot with a stem of bay leaf. The combination of the bay leaf, garlic, cilantro and coconut milk created a unique motor of flavour that was special. At that time in that place I have having a unique moment that could never be replicated anywhere. Small beads of sweat crept around the owner’s curly exposed hairline and he reassured me that my lunch partner was on her way.


The afternoon crowd started to arrive. I knew they were regulars because they came up to the kitchen table and conversed softly with the owner. Sometimes a laugh erupted and one man shifted in his seat. There was no rush from the clients even if the owner started to fan his big pot more aggressively. Again the melody of scent erupted from his pot and I too started to shift in my seat and became hungry.


A middle aged British expat walked in the restaurant looking like a forever tourist with a white pants and sandals. She gave me an elastic smile exposing her long white teeth and her blue green eyes lit up. She glanced at me in the next five minutes “first time here love?” With an easy smile I said “yes it is”. “You will love it I come here almost everyday day, Deschamps is fantastic you will love the food”. She turned her attention back to the other two regulars in their seats.


The first plate started to arrive to the man in a ‘shirt jack’ and sensible shoes. I didn’t want to pry but I was curious to see what was on the plate. There seem to be skeleton of a menu but quickly I learnt that there was no menu there was just food and you ate what was prepared that day.


Soon my lunch partner arrived frazzled from the humidity and her responsibilities. Our lunch plates landed like an on time transatlantic jet and this is what was presented to me….



This plate of honest food was not pretentious and for the first time I tasted the flavour of the starchy root vegetables, what we call ground provisions. In past preparations these root vegetables were always married off with Creole sauces a bit too early. I never got to taste them naked. A crispy fried dough and pea mixture was reminiscent of fried fish complemented this plate as these roots are only served with fish traditionally. What I really fell in love with the white creamy salad on the side of this plate. This was the Rastafarians answer to the heavy tiresome coleslaw recipes that had penetrated the region in the late 80’s. When we look at the coconut it can play many roles. It can play a nutty role in sweet preparations and it can take on a self dressing making vegetable in salads. When the milk from the fresh coconut is mixed with acid and garlic and agitated what you get is a savory dressing reminiscent of mayonnaise naturally.


I forgot I was eating coconut that day. It was so masterfully disguised in a role that it was destined to play. I was bewitched by coconut coleslaw and here is my humble interpretation of that honest dish that was presented to me on that humid afternoon in Roseau Dominica.

Coconut Coleslaw

Serves 4

1 cup of fresh finely grated coconut (packaged coconut will not need that milk )
1/2 cup finely grated carrot
1 small onion grated (so it is like pulp)
1 clove of garlic finely grated
1/2 tsp black pepper
1/4 tsp white pepper
1/2 tsp salt to taste or more
1 tbs finely chopped cilantro or minced cilantro and parsley
1 tsp lime/ lemon juice
1 tsp vinegar
1 tsp agave nectar or brown sugar
1/4 tsp minced Scotch Bonnets/ habeneros optional

Mix all ingredients well for 5 minutes until the milk starts to leech from the coconut. Set aside on tabletop. Chill lightly before serving.

This can be used on its own or as a burger topping.

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