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Creole Week-Breadfruit a starch worth adding to your diet

September 17, 2009
Breadfruit being picked with a cutting apparatus

Breadfruit being picked with a cutting apparatus

Breadfruit (Artocarpus communis) other names French Fruit à pain

Freshly cut breadfruit secreting the milk from the tree

Freshly cut breadfruit secreting the milk from the treeBreadfruit Sliced Lengthwise


This was bought to the Caribbean in 1789 by Captain Bligh of The HSM Bountyto feed the indentured servants and also the African slaves. There are reports that he bought the breadfruit from the Philippines. Why would he do this? Well the breadfruit is very cheap to produce. You can leave the breadfruit tree to fend for itself and it can produce many breadfruits. The breadfruit is also a high energy starch and you need all the energy you can get when you have to be cutting sugarcane all day right? Breadfruit is high in Vitamin C and is consumed frequently in the French West Indies or former colonies of the French. In Barbados it is consumed but I find a few people have an issue with eating it because they think that it is a food source for the poor. Some Barbadians especially my generation( the younger) can be too proud for my liking and they really do not know what is good for them. They would prefer to eat a plate of fries than this. ( By the way I love fries but these are more nutritious) Some of my Barbadian counterparts  may disagree with this statement but this is what I saw when I was living in Barbados.
Breadfruit Chips
Breadfruit Chips
Breadfruit Chips ( After eating 4 of these babies you are full for a couple of hours)
This is the second time making these and this was my first time cutting and peeling a breadfruit on my own.I am an only child and my mom was always protective of me growing up and always peeled these root veg for me if I wanted to cook. I assure you peeling these was super easy. I did it outside on some newspaper and I cut it in quarters  with a large knife and i took out the heart and took off the skin. My friends and family keep telling me make breadfruit chips they are so good and I held back because I could not find breadfruits around here. I made these for my husband and his friends in Guadeloupe and they were in love with it and so was I. You first need to remove the heart from the breadfruit and slice the breadfruit in lenghtwise slices and shallow fry in a neutral oil. I dusted these with some salt and lime zest. This is great with ketchup or creole sauce and just as tasty and less junky than French Fries or as we call them in Barbados Chips.
Breadfruit Uses
Breadfruit can also be substituted for potato and you can make a breadfruit salad with it very very good. My mouth is just watering writing this. You can roast it in a hole and stuff it with butter and sauce and meat but since I am vegan I would have to think of another stuffing for breadfruit. Any suggestions? You can boil it and eat it with margarine just like that. You can boil and mash in a dish called Breadfruit Cou Cou and, you can add some to bread to make a breadfruit bread. Something i am working on now. There is a small scale production of Breadfruit flour in Barbados and from reading some scientific food journals it is said that it can be used up tp 40 % in bread. Breadfruit flour is obviously gluten free. As a food technologist I am always looking for new products to create. I think the Caribbean needs to do some large scale Breadfruit chips production as it really makes a good chip and from reading some scientific journals it absorbs 40 % less oil than English Potato. That is really interesting and the taste is like wow and the good thing you can eat less of them as they fill you up really quickly. Breadfruit can be also picked like Green Bananas. Whewww.. Now for another Recipe. My all time favourite Breadfruit Cou Cou in Creole Sauce. Eating this was like a big taste explosion in my mouth. There is no poverty on my palate as this taste like very fine cuisine . I am serious. Ok before the questions start pouring from my international readers I have to tell you a joke about my grandmother. My grandmother has lived in Canada for the past 15 years and this woman is probably the only person I know who is eating breadfruit, dasheen and Caribbean root vegetables everyday even if she is in Canada. How she does this? She moved next to an Asian market just to be nearby for when the fresh produce from the Caribbean comes in. If you buy a breadfruit and it looks like intergalactic green stick it in the fridge and let the skin go brown for about 3 or 4 days before using it. I cannot stand the taste of very very green breadfruit or the too sugary taste of too ripe breadfruit.
Breadfruit Cou Cou and Creole Sauce
Traditionally served with fish this sauce combo will be sure to be please anyone

Traditionally served with fish this sauce combo will be sure to be please anyone


Half breadfruit peeled and de hearted ( is de hearted a word?)

1/2 tsp of salt
4 heaping tbs of a pretty salty vegan margarine
2 tbs green onion chopped
1/8 tsp liquid smoke (optional)
My wrist are pretty week you really need some arm power to get this smooth

My wrist are pretty week you really need some arm power to get this smooth

Boil breadfruit until soft but still firm. Immediately mash with margarine and green onion and smoke until smooth. You would feel like if you are mashing glue or some kind of dough . Butter a bowl and add a dolop of breadfruit cou “>cou cou inside and roll around until u have formed a ball. Make a well in your breadfruit cou cou and add you good tasting creole sauce.
**Traditionally Breadfruit cou cou is cooked with a piece of salted pork so that is why I said add some smoke but you really don’t need to**
Creole Sauce
Is an onion based gravy with tomatoes . I will just give a guide for this gravy as there is not strict recipe to say but I will still add  a recipe for this in the book when I get around to the Sauces section.
1 onion chopped in crescents, sweet peppers of Vegetarian Pepper, 1 tbs of red butter ( if you cannot find that get some annato seeds and make some red oil with it),2 cloves minced garlic, black pepper, pinch of curry, can of tomatoes, a squirt of mustard and some salt. You just need to sautee you onions and peppers and add the spices and your water and the rest of ingredients. You need to cook it for about 15 mins so it gets slightly thick. You can add a little pinch of cornstarch if you do not see your sauce getting body.
Creole Week is sadly coming to an end only a few more post to go. Do not forget the giveaway is  going on. I want to close it earlier as I am not getting  anyone new to enter so I will close it sooner so people can get their jams and cheese.
Vegetarian Peppers
A Note about Vegetarian Peppers. I need some help finding the scientific name for these chilli. These peppers have the same amount of heat as a Sweet Pepper but the flavour is like a hot pepper. I use to be scared cooking with them as I smell very strong pepper like a Scotch Bonnet coming from these but when u taste it no burn. That is great as peppers have such good flavours but people do not like them as they burn and ruin the  dish. If anyone knows the name of these sweet peppers that grow in the Caribbean let me know so that I can update the post
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  1. September 17, 2009 3:03 pm

    In T&T we call these “pimento peppers”, not that the name is at all the scientific name 🙂 but it might help your search! Although…a quick google just now shows that there might be some OTHER pepper in the world called pimento pepper that is NOT this one…hmm…so maybe not so much help!
    Btw – I love breadfruit! Mom always made a breadfruit chip with some curry powder and seasonings – so GOOD! I got lots of breadfruit chips down in Oistins with my fish, so I thought Bajans were well into that.

    • Taymer permalink*
      September 17, 2009 3:13 pm

      well the older ppl like it but the youth I see do not like these things at all. It is not even about the taste it is about some status or something. I have not been home in a year. I will go to oistins and lurk around. I was happy to see these chips being done again as a street food. I really need a tropical food dictionary or something with all of the names etc. There is one in french I was eyeing that I may get but it does not have in everything but it has a lot of stuff. There was one time I use to speak in just scientific names..good ole UWI days. Thanks for the name I will actively search for the scientific name tonight. Curry powder on these chips will be super. I will sprinkle some on later as I still have some left

  2. bajangyal permalink
    September 17, 2009 3:53 pm

    T, this is one post I will disagree with you on slightly. I actually think there is a growing appreciation for local food/produce amongst the younger generation. Pudding n souse, pickled breadfruit, coucou, yam dishes are a few that are enjoying a resurgence.

    That aside I love breadfruit and breadfruit chips are one of my fave dishes.

  3. Taymer permalink*
    September 17, 2009 4:27 pm

    no M, I went to school with these ppl they do not like roots excluding sweet potato. They only like pie and chicken I know this from seeing it everyday and talking to ppl about my love for roots . The generation above eg ppl in their 30s like the roots but not my generation. It is true M
    When they get older they realise that it taste good and it is good but ppl eat a lot pasta and rice in Barbados now. Maybe this has something to do with the construction boom that has taken place and the cutting down of trees. Before we knew ppl that you could get a breadfruit from in St Michael. Also the farming community in Barbados has decreased and there is more commerce.You are right too as when I went into the vegan restaurant in the city all the green bananas are sold out within an hour.
    I agree there is a resurgence of root veg esp in restaurants but the consumption is not even close to to Guadeloupe.I have met many people in guadeloupe who tell me that a lot of the youth do not want to eat ground provisons either they choose to have pasta everyday instead. I was surprised but I have been speaking to ppl for over a year and that is the gen consensus. It surprised me.

  4. September 18, 2009 8:08 am

    You are so great! The recipes, the writing and the photography are all so beautiful. I love reading your blog and look forward to each new post. I love the idea of those breadfruit chips, so much fun!

  5. Madeleine Soudée permalink
    October 12, 2009 1:11 pm

    The most satisfying dish I know of is a court-bouillon of fish served with boiled breadfruit. To prepare the breadfruit, cut up the fruit in quarters -not ripe or too green-, slice off the heart of each quarter, and peel. Halve the quarters and put them in a pan, covered with salted water, and optionally with the peels. Boil until tender.

  6. pinnaduwa permalink
    August 12, 2010 11:02 am

    i wont know how what’s the dry foods of the bred fruit


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