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Creole Week Finale and Contest Winners – THIS SITE HAS MOVED

September 18, 2009





I cannot believe that I posted everyday for an entire week. We have come to the end of creole week and it was fun while it lasted right. We learnt lots of valuable info and shared ideas. I honestly enjoyed this week as there was a lot of feedback (Thank you guys) and I saw that this week really peaked the attention of my international readers and it also allowed my Caribbean readers to comment. I hope to be having more events like this in the near future especially one that showcase my homeland Barbados. The last fruit that we will look at is the Passion fruit.

Passion Fruit (Passiflora spp.)

Passion Fruit

This tart and sweet fruit with its intoxicating aroma has won over many tourist who visit the Caribbean. There should be a chewing gum with this flavour. Passion fruits are sought after in the Caribbean as they are used to make refreshing bevergages  and jellies. The passion fruit comes in many interesting colours. Some are reddish-purple and some of bright yellow. The interior of the fruit houses a gelatinous matter of juice and seeds. The seeds can be eaten but there are indigestible. To get the juice from this gelatinous mixture you has to mix with a little water and strain through a cheese cloth. This concentrate can be then diluted and mixed with some sugar or agave nectar and be used as a refreshing cocktail. In Guadeloupe I noticed the vendors sold an alcohol beverage called “Planteur” made with passion fruit. I went to get one for the giveaway but the market was closed so I had to do the guava stuff. Sorry! In Barbados my dad use to give me passion fruit jam with peanut butter as a little girl which I loved this for breakfast.When I first met my bf who is now my husband I saw him eating the passion fruit just like that with a spoon something that would make me gasp as the juice in itself is very concentrated. It is like eating passion fruit  times 1000 . Maybe some of you eat it like this? Let me know.There is no recipe today unfortunately as I had a big baking night preparing some breads and cakes for the book. There is however two passion fruit desserts in  my book.

Where to find it ?

Always check your Asian Markets they are known for having these tropical fruits but the fruit has to be in season. I just checked Amazonand there are many passion fruit syrups concentrates etc on there.

I had to draw the contest earlier because I have some unexpected travel coming up and I would not be able to get the winners stuff to them in time. I made the draw this morning and I have two winners. There were 16 entries plus 2 pingbacks so I put the numbers though the random generator and voila.  The first winner is Mary from Mitten Machen and the second winner is Queen. Congrats to you all. I will be contacting you to get your mailing address and I will try to ship the winners asap.

contest winner 1contest winner 2


Now I am going back to recipe development and I will definitely be posting  again at  least once per week. Thank you again for all the comments and participation for Creole Week


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  1. September 18, 2009 3:54 pm

    Whoa. I’ve never seen the inside of a passion fruit before! It looks crazy…but it tastes so good.

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