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June 30, 2011

The pineapple coconut ice cream post will be coming in 3 days as I am currently making it. Sorry for the delay this week.

For those who want to buy ingredients ahead. I am using full fat coconut milk, crushed pineapple in syrup, coconut oil, bitter sweet chocolate, and cones. Arrowroot and or xantham gum will be the thickeners this week but arrowroot can be used alone.


So stay tuned for coconut pineapple icecream with chocolate shell topping and grilled coconut.


7 Flavours of Summer 2. Lemon Poppy seed Ice Cream and Lemon Pepper Ice Cream

June 23, 2011

Vegan Lemon Poppy Seed Ice Cream Copyright Taymer Mason

Before I proceed I must say something is wrong with my camera. Anyone that knows how I can change settings to get rid of this horrid white wash on my photos (which makes my blog too soft) let me know.

I love lemon poppy seed anything..I love the light citrus flavour and the non intrusive bite of the poppy seeds. When I took up the offer to do lemon pepper ice cream I wanted to see if a lemon poppy-seed would have the same flavour profile as the lemon did not. It was totally different even if they were made from the same batch of lemon ice cream. The lemon poppy-seed ice cream tastes like a rich but light comforting lemon cake which pairs well with a red fruit sauce. I had raspberry jam( not shown in photo) which I  drizzled over the top but it ended up looking like ketchup! I usually do not care for sweets but, when I tasted this flavour I really wanted to finish the entire bowl. Fortunately I did not but I could have as this ice cream is low in sugar as you would see in the below recipe but it satisfies the sweet tooth. How did I do it? I used a little agave nectar to bump up the sweet and paired it with low sugar fruit sauce.

Melting shot Vegan Lemon Poppyseed Ice Cream Taymer Mason

I am still playing with xanthan gum this week and hope to put it down for next week flavour pineapple coconut with chocolate shell topping. Xanthan gum with the combo of arrowroot really gives a nice mouthfeel and the ice crystal formation was really low with this flavour. My hunch is that when you add lemon to soy milk you make a buttermilk and that is what really made this ice cream light yet satisfying at the same time. In comparison to last weeks pumpkin pecan this is very light.

Again, sorry about this photo. Hopefully next week I would have back my bright eye-popping photos again. I am having heart palpitations with this one. Everyone who follows this blog knows I am a big fan of black pepper ice cream which I usually serve alongside  Caribbean desserts so when I was talking to one of my followers on Facebook I said I would do my black pepper ice cream recipe but they suggested I add some lemon to it and wow..really you have to try this. This ice cream is walking on a thin line of sweet and savory and I kept it on the line by pairing it with a basil mint coulis. To make this I grabbed some basil from outside and added some brown sugar and olive oil and blended it well and added a little fresh mint and blended it again and put it in my squeeze bottle. It can last for a good week and a half and it pairs well with the lemon pepper ice cream. I added some extra pepper on the top of my ice cream to increase the “back throat” burn one gets from eating pepper ice creams. This is a really fine dessert even if my plating did not portray this but if you want a sophisticated flavour and you are a big foodie do the lemon pepper with the basil coulis.

Vegan Lemon Pepper Ice Cream with Basil Mint Coulis Copyright Taymer Mason

Ice cream Profile

For this ice cream I used two thickeners xanthan gum and arrowroot flour alternatives arrowroot alone or cornstarch alone

Base: Soy creamer full fat  with full fat coconut milk  alternatives full fat coconut milk or soy milk with 1/2 cup vegan butter

Result Light creamy ice cream. Ten minute wait to scoop

Extremely low in ice crystals

Sugar sources: West Indian light brown sugar, agave nectar alternatives only agave or only sugar

Flavour profile of star ingredient: medium high…did not have a tart overkill it was just right

Kid Friendly: Lemon poppy-seed (Medium High) Lemon Pepper with Basil Coulis  (Low)

Lemon poppy-seed pairs well with fresh red berries or any red fruit jam would work well in a sugar cone. Lemon Pepper works well with extra pepper on top and basil sauces

Additional Info: Cook this ice cream on low heat as you are cooking acid and any high heats can really change up the flavour profile to something that HEAT! The ice cream will curdle slightly dont panic.

Recipe ( I made one batch of Lemon custard and split it in half and added 1 tablespoon poppy seed to one and 1 tablespoon of freshly ground black pepper to the other)

If you want to do full batch of one flavour just double your pepper or poppy seed.

Vegan Lemon Ice Cream

1 cup soy creamer

1/2 cup full fat coconut milk or soy creamer

1 1/2 cups soy milk plus 1/4 cup soy milk (to mix in with arrowroot

2 heaping tablespoons vegan butter

Juice from 4 lemons ( meaning an extra lemon with the 4 you already have)

1 tsp vanilla extract or half vanilla bean

Zest of 3 lemons (1 1/2 tablespoons)

1 heaping 1/4 cup sugar

1/4 tsp xanthan gum plus 2 tablespoons sugar

1 1/4 tsp arrowroot flour

1 tablespoons of agave

a few drops of vegan friendly yellow food colouring ( since you are not using eggs you wont get that light yellow hue), optional

1 tablespoon for split 2 tablespoons for whole recipe black pepper (after ice cream has churned)

1 tablespoon for split 2 tablespoons for whole recipe poppy seeds (after ice cream has churned)


Make custard by combining soy creamer , coconut milk, butter, lemon juice vanilla, zest, and sugar.

Cook on medium low heat until there is a faint simmer then reduce heat to low and add in the xanthan gum mixed with sugar slowly whisking carefully but well.

Mix 1/4 milk with arrowroot flour and bring back the mixture to a faint simmer, take the mixture off the heat and add in arrowroot mixture. Stir well and you would feel mixture getting thick. Add colouring and agave nectar and let cool.

Add mixture to fridge and chill for up to 6 hours.

Add to ice cream maker .

Split Recipe

Split mixture in half and add 1 tablespoon poppy seeds plus 1 extra tablespoon agave for poppy seed ice cream

Add 1 tablespoon black pepper plus 1/2 tablespoon sugar for lemon pepper ice cream.

Remember to join the facebook page to request a flavour.

7 Flavours of Summer 1. West Indian Pumpkin Butter Pecan Ice cream

June 16, 2011

Pumpkin and summer? Something is not adding up but FYI I live in the Caribbean so there is no fall to be eating pumpkins. Actually West Indian Pumpkin also known as Calabaza squash is quite plentiful during these times and quite cheap so I used what was in season .

This has been my second “summer” experimenting with vegan ice cream and from making over forty batches in my vegan life I had a lot of ups and downs with it. To make  vegan ice cream creamy you need fat may it be from the soy creamer you use to adding additional vegan butter or even using raw cashews you need fat. Soy milk is not fatty so using that as your base would not give you a creamy non icy ice cream. Thickeners and binders are quite important as the mixture needs to be thick when putting into the ice cream maker. Thin ice cream mixtures result in icy ice-cream because most of the time this means there is too much water in the mixture and not enough fat.

Ice cream Profile

For this ice cream I used two thickeners xanthan gum and arrowroot flour alternatives arrowroot alone or cornstarch alone

Base: Soy creamer full fat made in France alternatives full fat coconut milk

Result creamy  and scoopable out of the freezer after a 5 minute wait ( I do have my freezer on high so maybe that is why)

Low in ice crystals.

Sugar sources: West Indian light brown sugar, agave and maple syrup

Flavour profile of star ingredient: medium

Kid Friendly: medium high

Pairs well with brittles, molasses and sugar cones

Additional Info: Get the sweetest pumpkin and steam it, mix in the xanthan gum really well in the sugar and whisk in briskly to avoid clumps of binder forming in the ice cream. Over use of xanthan gum can turn mixture into a slimy mess.

Vegan Pumpkin Butter Pecan Ice Cream Copyright Taymer Mason

Vegan Pumpkin Butter Pecan Ice Cream Copyright Taymer Mason



Recipe Advanced Prep

1 – 1/2 cups pureed pumpkin

1 tsp pumpkin spice  I used this recipe as who has that knocking around in their home outside of America?

Ice cream Base

2 1/2 cups soy creamer ( If you stick around I am working on a home-made version of this for people who cannot get this)

1 1/2 cups of soy milk plus 1/2 cup to dissolve the arrowroot

1/3 cup of vegan butter

1/4 cup sugar

Scant 1/4 tsp plus scant 1/8 tsp xanthan gum

2 1/2 teaspoons arrowroot

2 tablespoons agave nectar

1 tsp vanilla extract or 2 tsp. vanilla essence


Add soy creamer, 1 1/2 cups soy milk and butter to the pot and cook on medium heat. In the meantime mix the xanthan gum into the sugar really well. Grab a whisk. When the mixture starts to bubble slightly turn down the heat and add the xanthan sugar mixture. Whisk gently and you would begin to feel the mixture getting thick. Mix the remaining 1/2 cup milk with the arrowroot flour and turn up the heat until there is a slight bubble again and take the mixture off the heat. Add in arrowroot milk mixture and feel the ice cream mixture get even more thick. Cool and add agave and essence. Refrigerate until very chilled.


To make ice cream add the pumpkin until the custard and add to the maker and process as per instructions of the ice cream maker. Put ice cream into container and swirl in butter pecan mixture. Chill overnight, take down for 10 mins and scoop.

Butter Pecan Mixture

1/2 cup vegan butter (margarine without animal products)

1/2 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup maple syrup

1/2 cup chopped pecan

Toasted pumpkin seeds optional

A generous pinch of cinnamon

A generous pinch of allspice

A generous pinch ginger

A generous pinch nutmeg

1 tsp vanilla extract

Method ( make this when the ice cream has started to churn in the maker)

Add vegan butter, brown sugar, maple syrup and let it simmer on medium heat until it starts to become thick. Watch mixture and still and reduce heat when mixture starts to get significantly thick. Add pecans and stir and spices and cook until pecans are coated with thick syrup. Cool and wait for ice cream to finish  churn before swirling it in.


Do submit your ice cream wishes via the Facebook Page. Next week I am leaning towards lemon ice cream and its evil twin lemon pepper. If you have an even more exciting request do submit.



7 Flavours of Summer Ice Cream Series

June 12, 2011

Hi there,

Next week starts my 7 flavours of summer ice cream series were you would have access to 7 recipes to creamy delectable vegan ice cream and ice cream relatives.


I have asked the followers on my Facebook page to request some of their favourite flavours ever and so far I am working on a pumpkin butter pecan praline with edible cup and a pineapple coconut. For me, I am working on a strawberry cheesecake, something I love using cashew cream.


Each recipe would teach 7 different lessons on vegan ice cream and you would learn how to use different stabilizers to get creamy ice creams. Some ice creams would be low sugar which is usually the deal breaker for me with ice creams but adjust the sugar as you like. Some will use stabilizers like xanthan gum, guar gum  with arrowroot. Some would just cashew cream…others would rely on simple arrowroot or cornstarch.


Do join the facebook page here to get in your ice cream request. As I live in the Caribbean I may not have access to all the fruits as they may be expensive and not fresh enough for my purposes so if your request does not get picked do not take it too hard.



Dominica Part 5 of 5 Thanking Dominica…

May 21, 2011

When I got back to the hotel I rested for an hour and decided to have some non alcoholic cocktails and thinking about my day at JTAS. It was not what I had imagined in my mind but people left happy, full and with a new respect for vegan food.

Time seemed to fly fast in Dominica when I had things to do and I knew I had to make a cupcake display and also make some of my Caribbean Quiche for sampling at the expo on Sunday.

When I arrived in the kitchen Bernadine, Devon and George were in the kitchen and Bernadine was getting restless waiting on me to start the cupcakes. She told me she was ready at 730 so I rushed downstairs to change into my kitchen gear and we started to make cupcakes. The first batch of cupcakes were chocolate which I went with because many like chocolate. I did a vanilla chocolate ganache and Bernadine grilled some coconut with sugar for me to decorate the top.

Health & Wellness Expo 2011 - UWI Chocolate Cupcake Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Trust me cupcakes go fast and this was not the prettiest of the bunch but you get the idea. I will tell you later about the transport. When people came into the kitchen and looked at the chocolate cupcakes making they were overwhelmed by the richness of the cake and I sent out a few as samples and it brought more faces by the kitchen door. ” There is no egg?” “It is so light and pillowy” No egg…. sorry to disappoint. Finally people started to get rid of the myth that a cake is nice with egg…thank you cupcake.

I then wanted to make a cupcake with the fresh oranges that Terri had dropped off the day before. Now take the image of perfect orange coloured oranges out of your mind. In Dominica the oranges are imperfect some have a bumpy exterior and the skins are usually greenish yellow. The flavour and juice it gives is superior to the oranges most of us know. I wanted the cupcakes to be orange so I used turmeric in the formula and hoped for the best and a few other secret ingredients to really capture the taste of Dominica and the Caribbean. We made a batch of 50 at first and then tasted one hot. Even hot I just heard moans of approval and Bernadine looked at me and said “We making 50 more”. Looking at the time I wanted to get to bed and I still did not start on the crust or filling for my quiches so I left her with the recipe and went on to work on my pastry for the quiche.

Oh before I forget here is now the orange cupcakes worked out. Sorry I did not get an inside shot to show that lightness.

vegan cupcakefloral Copyright Taymer Mason

Here is the same one again with some more edible flowers.

Dominican organecupcake Copyright Taymer Mason

For the actual samples I gave one dot of icing as I do not promote eating mounds of fat and sugar. It was a health Expo anyways not a bakesale but as someone who cooks I think I have a responsibility to cook food that taste good but is not bad for you at the same time. Look out for those later in the post.

I got started on my quiche later in the night and Devon had already chopped all my ingredients including the seasoning peppers/ vegetarian peppers that grow in many islands. I did not even use my recipe scaled up and it still worked out well. I made a short crust that day and made rustic cups in a cupcake mould and baked the pastry blind. The process was quick and painless and I let the staff watch the quiche bake as I got 10 minutes of sit down time. Did I mention there was a party going on at the hotel..the music was great and I never saw people dance so much and have a good time in a fete. I went to watch it for a few minutes and quickly retreated to the kitchen.

Here is how the quiche turned out. I usually seal the cracks with some soy creamer mixed with a little black salt but as I was rebaking them in the morning I did that afterwards.

Caribbean tofu quiche Copyright Taymer Mason

When you are sealing with soy creamer you can carefully colour it yellow the exact shade to hide any cracking. I did not this time around and left the soy creamer as it was. I topped my quiche with one of my favourite herbs for topping quiche, tarragon and stored them. Twice baked quiche is the only way I serve quiche.

Here is how it looked on the day

Health & Wellness Expo 2011 - UWI Caribbean Vegan Quiche Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

My Saturday night was over, cupcakes made and in a safe place and quiche in the fridge. I went to bed thinking about my final day in Dominica…I didn’t get to see this island that I had fell in love with. My partner still awake the in room decided we could go to the hot springs as everyone was telling me I had to go to feel rejuvenated. I had to get to the expo for noon so I had enough time to get a taxi to spend an hour at the springs and still get back to frost and dress my cupcakes…as I drove to the hot springs I had a guilt within me worrying about the time  but as the driver took me up the winding road and I saw some of the most breathtaking vegetation inclusive of flowers I never saw before I quickly began to relax.

I never been to a hot springs before…I did not know what one looked like what to expect so I decided to leave my camera at the hotel. When I go to Tia’s Bamboo Cottage we paid and I purchased some sulphur mud as advised and I walked down the steps and I was face to face with a hot springs for the first time. Click here to see how it looked but unfortunately the pictures on the site are old and do not do this place any justice. It was so beautiful with fruit trees all around the pools and then a cold river under the pools so you could do hot pool to river. I could not believe there was a place in the Caribbean that was offering all of this and  I felt like if I was like the last to know…..

As the hot but relaxing water streamed onto my back I felt like if I was having a guilty pleasure….

Why didn’t  someone warn me the springs make you sleeeeepy. We rushed out after 45 minutes and I washed off my mud and headed back to the hotel…those springs….

Oh chop chop…cupcakes to package for transport, quiche to reheat and I had to tell someone to decorate the tray…Oh no…I didnt write my speech!!!

Carrying 100 plus cupcakes in a taxi which is a big van plus drinks and quiche is not an easy task. When I watch Food Network I sometimes roll my eyes with the extra drama they potray but it was a little tricky with the food. When I got to UWI Open Campus Terri greeted me and cupcakes were taken from me and I went into a corner to write my speech. I had no time even before coming there to write it and I hated doing it under pressure but when I saw only 6 people waiting for my speech the pressure came off. Little did I know that when I lifted up my head again my lecture was jam-packed with people standing outside the door….did they hear about the cupakes?:) My speech started off very shaky as I sudden  got a spell of nerves but, I put down my paper and spoke from my heart. With my hair wet in a mess and my skin purified from the springs and mud I felt whole and free and even my imperfections on that day did not phase me.

Health & Wellness Expo 2011 - UWI Taymer Mason Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Afterwards, I invited the large crowd that had grown and grown as I got deeper in my speech to eat cupcakes and quiche. I remember having a gentleman come up to me who was allergic to egg asking me for reassurance to have my quiche and cupcake…I told him go on you wont die today:) He smile and went off with his wife enjoying the eggless vegan quiche 🙂

Health & Wellness Expo 2011 - UWI So Pretty Vegan Quiche and Cupcake Display Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

See one blob of icing…not an ice cream cones worth!

Health & Wellness Expo 2011 - UWI Anchorage Staff Thanking You Always Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

I then signed a bunch of books and then stripped off my clothes and changed into my yoga attire but before that I had to go buy some food..Guess what? Deschamps was there serving all things Ital. I think he really went to he highest level that day because all of my food items were green but I loved them favourite was the green banana pie and my husband loved his green celery juice. Deschamps made that lovely coconut slaw again and he made his coconut I tell you but I was happy I ate and I was content and full.

Health & Wellness Expo 2011 - UWI Deschamps Rootz and Healing Foods Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Ital Food and all things Green from Deschamps Copyright Taymer Mason

Signing Books Copyright Taymer Mason

So that is it folks, now I am going to share some pictures from the event itself. I was happy my part was over and I could enjoy yoga and lectures and even a Thai Massage that put me to sleep. I also listened to live drums in a room and the passion power emitted from the beating went into my soul and I felt transformed.

Health & Wellness Expo 2011 - UWI Terri Henry Organizer introducing me Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Expo 2011 - UWI Martha Cuffy at her Booth Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Expo 2011 - UWI Quantum Leap Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Expo 2011 - UWI Live Drums Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Expo 2011 - UWI The Tents Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Oh there is my abandoned book signing table..people came to find me wherever I was anyways.

Health & Wellness Expo 2011 - UWI Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Expo 2011 - UWI Dance with Live Drumming Charity Joy Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

When you are in Dominica find her fax her whatever..I pay a lot for massages in St. Martin but this woman is fantastic! I am not even going to get into what she did to me but I got in the plane still feeling the effects the next day. Check out Charity Joy Movement here.

Health & Wellness Expo 2011 - UWI Yoga for the Back Trudy Prevost Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

We did this class and it was really good. I did not get a lot of time to talk to this self-confessed foodie Trudy Prevost but she attended my workshop at the Anchorage Hotel and I will be back again to do more yoga with her in the beach and in the forest. Click here to go on her site.

Health & Wellness Expo 2011 - UWI Trudy Prevost Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Expo 2011 - UWI Rainforest Mushrooms Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Remember those beautiful mushrooms I got?

Health & Wellness Expo 2011 - UWI Natural Soaps Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Expo 2011 - UWI Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

So that is it folks I would like to take the time to thank the below listed sponsors and let me say something…they did  not have to sponsor this event but they did and growing up in the Caribbean I have always heard cries from people doing positive things not getting any support from government or the private sector. I was amazed of the amount of sponsorship that  came through as I myself always wished to go home to Barbados to do a similar event… I do want the region to look at Dominica and see that they are utilizing what they have and marketing it and they support people from the region and what that did was form a tie within me that would never be broken.

Many things went through my mind that I would not speak about here but THANK YOU DOMINICA FOR BELIVEING IN ME AND SUPPORTING MY WORK.

I have gotten more opportunities to train in Dominica and I will be taking up everyone on their offers slowly:) as I want to help to make this island the best vegan destination in the Caribbean…where you can have your ital food, to raw foods to vegan Caribbean food. You stole my heart Dominica.

I have decided to write a new cookbook and it will be published in the Caribbean but it will be available is about a topic that never has been covered before and I hope to go back to Dominica to do some of the writing and testing of recipes. This time I can write in my voice to the Caribbean for the Caribbean. I am carefully seeking a publisher who can respect and understand my work.

I want to finally thank Terri Henry who snagged me 5 months ago for this show and who made sure everything was in place for me. The staff at the Anchorage Hotel…I miss you and we will meet again:), Khatts tours for their safe rides, Martha  Cuffy for showing me my inner peace, Celia Sorhaindo for being there for me and donating these beautiful photos on this blog for the past 3 post.The Discover Dominica Authority for sponsoring this event.

My regrets were that I did not stay 10 days, and that I did not get to show off my refined dishes but since the workshops were introductory I would save my refined dishes for a tasting event somewhere else or in Dominica:)

I hope everyone reading this who loves nature and loves peace visit Dominica soon. You will get your  vegan food, taste fruits and veg you only read about and experience a different side of the Caribbean. I will try to add a mini guide to my Vegan Guides of the Caribbean and write up one for Dominica. One exist for Barbados.


Discover Dominica


Anchorage Hotel, Whale Watch and Dive Centre

Picard Beach Cottages


Events and Things


Loubiere Spring water

Ardens Sounds and Lights

Remember there are more photos and also information and sometimes recipes you won’t get here on my facebook fan page. Click here to connect with me instantly!

Dominica Part 4 of 5

May 20, 2011

Friday night I went into the kitchen ready to go into bed but there was so much to be done. I initially wanted to do breakfast for 30 plus lunch for 30 plus. I had less help that night and we worked our way through all the batters and sauces and we finished relatively early.  My worry was transferring my entire kitchen at the Anchorage Hotel to JTAS which is a private residence upstairs and an open air demo kitchen downstairs…take a look at their website here. They also offer cooking classes to tourist and then they serve a Dominican lunch at the end.

The owner of Khatts tours, Kenneth Dill took the liberty of picking me up that day and I was very surprised when he asked me to sign his copy of Caribbean Vegan which he had before the exposition. Remember Khatts tours was also a major sponsor of the event and if you are in Dominica do give them a call. They have many tours tailored for every fitness level, from hikes, to sit down tours to photo tours.

When we got to JTAS we had to unpack equipment, food and try to get sorted before guest arrived. Bush tea and juices needed to be made and pancakes and fritters needed to be made as well…

Here is how that part went

Health & Wellness Event - Pumpkin Fritter Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Event - Learning to Breathe with Martha Cuffy Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

One important thing I learnt in Dominica was to relax and breathe. Here I am taking 5 minutes  to breathe. Martha also conducted yoga on the lawn before breakfast. It was really beautiful. Now I use her breathing methods in my everyday life. Check out Martha’s site relaxing your DNA via your Gene Keys to live a joyous high frequency life.

Health & Wellness Event - Cassava pancakes with nutmeg syrup Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Event - grounds st JTAS Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

The grounds were lovely, we did have a little rain that drizzled a bit but it went away after a while.

Devon newly appointed assistant cook at Anchorage Hotel making Soupsop Punch Copyright Laurent Guillaume

The punch was very good as he added a touch of lime which really lightened it up. Thanks Devon. The good thing about having Caribbean staff here at the expo was that they were familiar with everything I told them. I would say I want x thing done xyz a way and they would do it without problems.

Terri Henry and daughter handing out fresh local fruit Copyright Laurent Guillaume

Demo on Jerk Tofu Kebabs with Orange Barbeque Sauce Copyright Laurent Guillaume

Pizza Party Copyright Laurent Guillaume

I had to have a pizza party, one where you could pick your topping bake an enjoy. The night before the event I made mini sweet potato crust with organic cornmeal.

Sweet Potato Crust Caribbean Vegan Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Fresh Oyster Mushroom from Rainforest Mushrooms Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Thanks to Terri she devised a way to keep track of the pizzas so that everyone got their own pizza. I even packed some vegan cheese  for fun.

Health & Wellness Event - Pizza Pizza Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

The sauce is a new recipe adapted from my first book Caribbean Vegan and it was very flavouful and rich.

Health & Wellness Event - Pizza Assembly Line Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Then we had audience participation making Barbadian Coconut Turnovers..that was so much fun. Yes we all washed our hands!!!:)

Health & Wellness Event - Talking about Turnovers Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Event - group participation Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Event - loved her turnover fever Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Turnover making at JTAS Copyright Laurent Guillaume

Turnovers ready to go in the Oven Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Buffet number 2 Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Caribbean Vegan Macaroni Pie with Crisped Shallots Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

You cannot have a buffet in the Caribbean without this kinda pie..sorry but when I am at a buffet have to have my pie.

Plantains are a given..leave some for me Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Me sharing food Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Double Soaked Rum Cake Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

I ended the day with a quick interview for a documentary for Discover Dominica Authority.

Taymer Interview Copyright Laurent Guillaume

That was the end of day two. I felt great and was looking forward to my final day in Dominica and also wondering how I would do my cupcake display in the morning. I was also excited to teach Bernadine and the others how to make vegan quiche. As my muscles ached I decided to stop by a natural spring when I woke up in the morning.

To be continued.

There are more pictures on my facebook page click here

Thanking Celia Sorhaindo again for these beautiful pictures so full of colour and life… check her out at Tropical Ties click here

Dominica Part 3 of 5

May 19, 2011

So Friday was here and after getting less than 2 hours of sleep I was like a charged battery ready to meet all the invited chefs. I was still running around 30 minutes before start time speaking to my newly adopted staff at The Anchorage Hotel and making sure that everything was close to perfect. Chefs started to file in from all over the island, some from hotels, small restaurants and even Eco Lodges chefs. One of the most funny events were that people were not expected someone so young to be facilitating the event so when I introduced myself I always got this facial expression from everyone…I smiled it off:)

Last minute preparations were made and I was ready to face 30 plus people and cook…I was tired as you can see in the photos but very excited.

Take a look at what happened ..please excuse my appearance I did not sleep that night.

Health & Wellness Event -Astaphans Sponsor's Table Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Event -Deschamps arriving greeted by Terri Henry Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Event - Hotel Manager of The Anchorage Yvonne Amour giving opening Address Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Event - The invited guest Chefs Workshop Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Event - starting to teach Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Event -talking about braggs and other soy masking agents Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Event - doing seitan demo Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Event - finished seitan Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Event - Vegan Chef Taymer Mason Cassava Pancakes Ready for Tasting Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Event - q&a Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Event - Accra Demo Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Event - Eggplant Accras from Caribbean Vegan Styled by the staff at Anchorage Hotel Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Event - Tofish Caribbean Vegan Styled by the Staff at Anchorage Hotel Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

We did the Tofish Demo in detail speaking about pigments and seaweed strength. This was served with a new creole sauce recipe I made which is richer than the one in Caribbean Vegan.

Health & Wellness Event - Chefs Sample Tofish Recipe Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Event - The ever engaging Martha Cuffy tasting the Sauce Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Event -Caribbean Vegan Love in Dominica Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Event -The beautiful Debra poses with her copy of Caribbean Vegan Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Event - signing certificates for the chefs Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

I felt like I was writing lines but to be able to contribute of an event like this was amazing.

The food I choose to make was a mixture of recipes in Caribbean Vegan and new recipes I developed after my book was published. We decided to do a buffet for the chefs as it would be easier and they could choose what they want. I was aided by a 5-7 staff members at the Anchorage Hotel who  came  though for me. As tired as they all were Bernadine and Chef Nelson kept smiling and laughing at my corney jokes as we went in close to 2 am prepping for a buffet for 4o.

Health & Wellness Event -Open face sanwiches Tapenade (new recipes) , eggplant choka and a brushetta with ham Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Event - Vegan Chef Taymer Mason Coconut Rice Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Event - Vegan Chef Taymer Mason selection of chutneys Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Event - Nelly with her plate Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Event - Bara for the Doubles Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Event - Vegan Chef Taymer Mason Tofu Pattys Chopped Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Event - Bellyful o Food Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Event - chowing down Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Event -New Fantastic Recipe a Raw Christophene Salad with Caribbean Secret Sauce Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

I would like to eat this salad everyday seriously it is so good.. Thanking Bernadine pastry chef and cook for following my quick verbal advice on the sauce..people raved about this.

Health & Wellness Event - I LOVE HER you should have been there to see her face Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Event -a few desserts you know me all about real food but still Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

That is a rustic coconut and fruit tart at the back and rum cake topped with a pecan Dominican Praline. Bernadine decorated this as I was doing the class.

Here is Bernadine smiling even if she did not have any sleep too.

Health & Wellness Event - My rock Bernadine Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Event - Vegan Brioche New Recipe Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Event - My support staff and Manager of the Anchorage Hotel making a speech Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

I was exhausted but so happy at the same time. I cannot thank the staff at the Anchorage Hotel enough. Chef Nelson the new chef at the Anchorage is Barbados trained. He really controlled the kitchen and was there for me every step of gthe way. Thanking Devon, Renwar Joseph, organic farmer and cook George, the amazing Elizabeth who smiled for ever demo I called her up to do, Bernadine, my rock and Yvonne Amour a long time vegetarian who opened her hotel to me to do these  events.

Health & Wellness Event - Terri handing out the certificates:) Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Health & Wellness Event - Thanks Guys Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

Later that night the Anchorage  Hotel in Dominica served vegan snacks using some of my recipes and their existing vegan options.

Health & Wellness Event - Vegan Snack Menu Anchorage Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

After this event my night started all over again. I had a big workshop in the forest compliments JTAS and I had even more people to cook for….The chefs workshop was a big success and news was flying fast around the island about what happened at the Anchorage Hotel.

What really made me want to tear up was hearing people speak about food memories as they ate. They were eating vegan food yet it was oh so familiar. Emotions stirred within me and I started to think more deeply about the effect of Dominica  was having on me. I was tired but I felt a calmness within and looking over at Terri smiling about that days success made me want to work even harder for the next workshop.

Before I go take a good look at this amazing woman Terri Henry who has pulled off this event for the last 3 years with this year being the biggest and most difficult.

Health & Wellness Event Terri Henry Event Organizer Copyright Celia Sorhaindo

A big thank you to Celia Sorhaindo from Tropical Ties for donating these photos.

You can also like Taymer Mason on Facebook to see other photos from that day.

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