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Stuffed Plantain Dumplings and some news – THIS SITE HAS MOVED

April 4, 2011




Some housekeeping I know I owe some of you that fat free crust it is coming this week.


Plantains like coconuts and mangoes have become somewhat adopted by North America within recent times but, like an adoption it takes a while for the necessary papers to come through and right now these ingredients are in the transitioning stage now. Basically, plantains are nothing new to those reading this. Plantains get too much abuse by being boiled in oil so, I wanted to do some new things with this versatile fruit. Today I had great success in my test kitchen and this would be one of my new appetizers…see my pepper sauce flames? Yes I am the original” pepper mout”

I am sick of plain old fried plantains aren’t you? I wanted a way to eat ripe plantains that would be exciting,quick,morish and yet healthy and this is it. You see in the Spanish speaking Caribbean they like a lot of meat  with their plantains..something I never ate in the English speaking Caribbean…plantains were eaten mostly with fish or fried as a side…hmmm…beefy seitan and plantains…sweet plantains with a touch of smoky vegan bacon and crushed garlic…sounding like a mofongo but we are using ripe plantains…mashed to perfections and stuffed with Caribbean styled veggie mince.. and then seared on each side..ok this is one of the best things and ever ate and I am kinda sorry  I made it because I come off looking like a narcissist…bleck..This should be street food..enough said ..maybe not!

What is so interesting about the plantain is that as you mash it it changes in texture, it becomes pliable and not sticky, it is also very strong to contain the stuffing yet, when you bite into it it is mellow and all the beautiful flavours compliment each other in this dish. The first flavour is the mellow sweet plantain then you get a punch of smoky “bacon” flavour, beautiful roasted garlic and then to lighten things up cilantro. This is an appetizer and would also be nice as a main with some bitter salad.

Dominica Health and Wellness Expo and Book Launch

Next month I would be  the headliner chef at Dominica’s Health and Wellness Expo and, during the course of this week I will be developing new recipes to 1. train chefs so that when you want to go on holiday in Dominica you would have something gourmet and vegan to eat and 2. for The Caribbean Vegan Culinary Workshop which is a day of yoga, cooking, eating and listening to me speak about all things vegan. It is going to be a blast and the new dishes I have been working on have been really out of the box, easy and Caribbean. I am very excited and will be giving you an update when I have the official poster and, the dates of my workshops and training courses. If you live in the Caribbean or you just want to come down to Dominica for the expo please contact me at and I will give you the necessary information. The expo is expected to run from May 13th- May 15th  and I will also be officially launching Caribbean Vegan (yeah I know what took me so long) and signing books and giving out samples of food from Caribbean Vegan. Yes there is so much action going on right now. If you cannot come do not worry as I will be giving full coverage in multiple posts and hopefully get some video coverage as well to put up on youtube. I will show you one more sneak peek of what I am doing for the chef’s training course next week and that is it.

Do enjoy your week and remember to respect those plantains a little bit more:)

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  1. April 4, 2011 4:07 pm

    Sounds like so much fun, Taymer. I’ve always wanted to go to Dominica. Maybe someday soon 🙂

  2. April 4, 2011 4:07 pm

    Wow, this sounds totally amazing. I love plantains but I also usually do them up totally boring yet delish- a little oil, a little sweetness, a little cinnamon and cumin. I really need to try something new!

    Good luck at the expo, wish I could be there for yoga and vegan goodness!

  3. April 4, 2011 5:22 pm

    Oh wow, what a great idea. I’m loving plantain loads recently but I hadn’t considered stuffing them.

    • Taymer permalink*
      April 4, 2011 5:25 pm

      Hey Jojo When you prepping them fry them in 1 tablespoon of oil per 3 plantains which is not much..get a good sear and reduce the heat and cook slowly on low..then mash them with flavourings and stuff them with whatever you want.

  4. April 4, 2011 6:04 pm

    These look amazing! You are such a creative genius!

    Those chefs are so lucky to have you teaching them all about vegan goodness

  5. April 4, 2011 8:33 pm

    They look fantastic, I will have to try making some!

  6. April 5, 2011 7:09 am

    Taymer, that’s so exciting! Good for you! 🙂 🙂

  7. April 5, 2011 4:57 pm

    The dumplings look really delicious, and the photography is beautiful. I’m so excited to hear all the good things that are happening for you this year. You deserve it!

  8. April 11, 2011 10:13 pm

    That’s awesome Taymer. I’m excited about your work and I think it’s an excellent idea to train chefs so they can create meals for vegan guests!

    • Taymer permalink*
      April 11, 2011 10:15 pm

      what’s up stranger. Thanks for stopping by Shelley! Dominica is setting the example for the Caribbean where this issue is concerned.

  9. Anonymous permalink
    August 7, 2011 11:01 am

    Great dish! I grew up eating eating meat stuffed plantains, when I got older and became a vegetarian, I began alternating meat with vegetables. Since I’m from an English Caribbean household, which is why I find this statement bizarre…

    “You see in the Spanish speaking Caribbean they like a lot of meat with their plantains..something I never ate in the English speaking Caribbean…plantains were eaten mostly with fish or fried as a side”.

    I have a good friend from Dominica and I taught her how to make this when we were in college.


  10. Anonymous permalink
    August 7, 2011 11:02 am

    And as a healthier option I bake them.

  11. terencia Gaillard permalink
    June 11, 2014 5:22 pm

    would love to have copies of those plantain recipies – they look delicious!

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