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Cous Cous plate and Caribbean Vegan Giveaway – THIS SITE HAS MOVED

February 15, 2011




I am Caribbean Vegan C’est vrai! but sometimes I do not eat West Indian food everyday. It is not that it is boring but  I am always looking to dry different flavours for my lunch and dinners.

Today was no exception.  I had some vegetables on hand and about 4 boxes of whole wheat cous cous because I kept buying it every week thinking it was out, I had some Harissa paste I picked up at the supermarket and I had some dried chickpeas. My only issues with the dish was that it filled me up really quickly and the feeling of statity that I have is long lasting. I like to feel hungry every 3 hours.  I also was slack with the cooking of vegetables so they went flat as they need to be put in the pot at the same time but I was starving. The  vegan home made mergez turned out really well in taste but as I had no white beans and lots of tofu on hand I made them tight with just gluten so, next time when I make them I will make them with beans and stuff so that when you slice it actually looks like a sausage and not some cheap processed meat. Other than that it was a really beautiful plate with loads of flavour. I took advantage of  my pressure cooker, something I think vegans should invest in and I cooked my own peas and made the sauce with the chickpeas. T’was lovely really!



I wanted to do a full cous cous plate with the vegetables and the chickpeas …the works you get it. I even made my own Vegan Mergez Sausage using the Harissa paste et voila…here is my plate….no curry was involved in this masterpiece and it was kinda a nice change from my curry eating.


Vegan Cous Cous with Vegan Mergez Sausage Copyright Taymer Mason


Remember Shernell Cooke?? The Barbadian raw food chef who just made those love Jerk Raw Burgers this week? Well she is giving away a spanking new copy of Caribbean Vegan, so if you are still without a copy which  is really something I cannot understand  to be honest:P Go right over to Frangipani and Gingerlily and enter the competition. It is very easy.


That is it for today.

Enjoy you week




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  1. February 16, 2011 12:59 am

    I love this meal and is something that I would seriously relish right now. Everything looks so well cooked;seriously when is the restaurant coming ?

  2. February 17, 2011 9:39 am

    this looks so good! It’s fun to take a break from the usual foods once in a while.. I feel like all I eat is soup lately.. and collards and hummus of different sorts. I’ve never heard of mergez before.. this is why I love your blog/cooking so much because you teach new things all the time!

  3. February 23, 2011 3:30 pm

    That is one gorgeous plate of food! Those sausages look amazing!

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