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Caribbean Vegan Giveaways and blog updates Bajan Bookstores

December 2, 2010

Hi I am still recovering from Vegan MOFO that totally licked the wind out of me but   I have to get back to blogging shortly.

Dear Bajans

So far I heard Days and Best of Barbados  Gift shops are carrying the book I think Pages have it but when I call Pages and ask a question . Definitely try Days  and the gift shops  now as they are now putting it out on display. If someone can be so kind please ask Pages if they have so I can  point  you there.  The price is affordable so do not get scared. I am trying to do a book signing event but right now things are looking mucky but keep checking the blog and the Nation Newspaper incase I am doing something with Caribbean Vegan in Barbados.

Since I live in the Caribbean I have been avoiding to do postal giveaway because  of some restrictions on shipping and stuff so I have not had a chance to do any giveaways on the blog for the book Caribbean Vegan. With that said other people have been kind enough to review the book and offer a giveaway on their blog including Kittee Berns, Celyn at Miso for Breakfast so far. Thank you for that:)

There are two giveaways running right right now yes yes yes right in time for the holidays for some and  there are as follows:-

Bianca at Vegan Crunk is running a competition until the 5th of December and all you have to do is tell her about an “””””””””exotic””””””””” dish that you like…to me and many exotic is very relative but you get the gist for me it could be a cupcake lol but go over to Bianca’s blog and holla at her. Did you know she was the first vegan blogger I intereacted with and is one of the nicest I ever met and she has her Southern cookbook coming out later next year so keep and eye on her…! is offering my book as a giveaway as well and her competition ends on the 9th of December and what she wants to know as she is not writing to a vegan audience is what vegan meal you already eat at home. Chennette went into details to what a vegan is and it is a good read for the confused and she also showed some of her vegan dishes she consumes on a regular basis. Chennette runs a Caribbean food blog and she travels a lot so she really knows her food and I am waiting to see what she thinks of the book because my Caribbean audience is who I want to really give me that validation but it does not mean my wider audience is not worthy because they are. Anyways I am rambling get on these sites and enter and bookmark them.

I THINK YOU CAN LIVE IN MARS AND STILL GET THE BOOK I did not see US only on either post so enter

Taymer Updates

Well I am studying for my French drivers license so I am kinda avoiding the big blogging thing and that comes off very soon so I will know my fate. I may be booked on a tv show in Barbados but we are still working out everything and I will speak about Caribbean Vegan and veganism in general. If I get the video file will post it on the blog at the end of the month. I am on a pause with the new book but hopefully new year we will know where we are going. The blog is moving to a .com since I got famous I have to class up the joint so we will be .com soon next year and the blog with be different in look but it will still have the same ole Taymer spirit. I am thinking about doing a Barbados vacation daily post where you can see food culture and general life in Barbados later in the month…please let me know if you want me to do that by kindly  commenting so I will not be doing it for nothing. I will be doing gift ideas next week showing like a simple basket you can make using Caribbean treats to offer to people you care about for the holidays. I got Alicia’s book Vegan Celebrations in the mail today to review and I bought one so I  will do a review. I want to try some American food so I am excited about this one.  If you did not know Alicia is my publishing house mate which does not mean I will be nice…just kidding Alicia. I will have tha up soon but I need to shop for some ingredients. Oh Caribbean Vegan made it into mainstream media…yeah it is true. Ebony magazine has highlighted my book in their Holiday Gift Guide in their Dec/ Jan issue so millions of people would probably get a quick  glance of Caribbean Vegan and maybe there would be some customers and new vegans by next year…so it is good all around. Thank you Ebony magazine!

I will be blogging in Barbados soon so I am excited about that because my dad as some of you know is Vegan and very proud of me so he will be cooking some stuff for the blog. He does not know this yet but it is happening.

So weeeeee… that is all do not forget me in the blog’s downtime while I study and face this horrid test I will be back shortly and HELLO there is a facebook fan page now for people who have been asking it is right there at the right.

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  1. December 2, 2010 12:58 pm

    Thanks for mentioning Taymer, and your kind words made me all warm and fuzzy inside. Thanks so much! Good luck on the TV show and the driver’s license. 🙂

  2. December 2, 2010 4:06 pm

    hehe “class up the joint” with a .com – I think it was classy enough 🙂 but I get you!

    congrats – and hope you get some of those promotional matters underway like tv spots and book signings – exciting!

  3. December 3, 2010 5:39 am

    You’re famous!!!! And for good reason! That’s so exciting about the magazines and tv, and definitely looking forward to the new website. I can’t wait to get your cookbook, either through giveaways or the old fashioned way. Congrats!

  4. Katherine permalink
    December 14, 2010 1:20 pm

    Hi Taymor,
    Thanks for all the great vegan food! I have been vegan for awhile, but recently had to go gluten-free to solve some stomach problems. I’m having a really hard time finding tasty vegan, gluten-free recipes and was wondering how many recipes in your new cookbook were gluten-free? The cookbook looks delicious!

    • Taymer permalink*
      December 14, 2010 4:13 pm

      Hi Katherine
      I have counted out o f95/ 125 recipes there are 2 gf desserts in the books all the drinks are gluten free sauces and 3 soups all of the stews…the rice dishes are gluten free…u wuill just miss out on some desserts in the book like u have 2 baked goods that are gluten free and the frozen stuff and sweets are gf
      i had no idea that I had so many gf dishes in the book.

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