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No Post Today and Vegan MOFO

October 31, 2010

My apologies for those who checked the blog today for the Sunday post but tomorrow starts Vegan Month of Food so I wanted to reserve my energy for this . If you think vegan  Mofo is  curse word it is not it stands for Vegan Month of Food and basically over 400 blogs will be taking part in this global event.

I  was very late to make the decision because   blogging for an entire month made me kinda scared it is a heck of a lot of work to  blog sometimes and doing everyday scared me but I have prepared and I will finish up as time moves along.

My theme will be: This is why I am vegan comfort food edition and I will be cooking some of my favourites also from some blogs as well and the food that will be featured in this month will be things I consider comfort food now since I am vegan. Some will be super lean and the very very healthy that would make you scratch your head at first and some will be like wow…yeah baby comfort food. I will be offering a ” Signed Copy of Caribbean Vegan” in the month  and will do a dedication to Barbados on November 30th as it is our independence day and this year it would very difficult for us as the Prime Minister passed away last Saturday so I hope I can do a post  that goes all the way. I hope  I can deliver. I am in and out of writing another book something unique again but I have not settled on the project and will know very soon if I want to go forward. Will update later. Tomorrow the games will begin.

On another note, an error was discovered in Caribbean Vegan for Sweet Potato Drop Biscuits and I will have an Errata section on the blog asap.

See you tomorrow for Vegan MOFO check out the site by clicking on the logo to see all the blogs that will be taking part.


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  1. October 31, 2010 10:02 pm

    Happy vegan mofo! I’m looking forward to your mocofoo!

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