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Quickie Lasagna – THIS SITE HAS MOVED

July 10, 2009







This is one exception where I would make a non-Caribbean related food post but I just had to. Actually people from the Caribbean love lasagna especially with New Zealand Cheddar instead of all the ricotta filling. My cupboard has gone bare so I was wondering what I would eat for a post training workout. It had to be carby and not too fatty but still full of protein. I saw some bow tie pasta a house guest left behind, a box of dreaded tofu, a zucchini crying out for help and some tomato sauce I had made last weekend. I made a quick and easy lasagna or casserole with my version of tofu ricotta sans the acid and what can I say this meal turned out great. I do not like tofu but I can eat it in this dish since it was transformed.Maybe my problem is that I do not like chunks of tofu as the inside does not absorb much flavour . This doesn’t mean that I would post more tofu based recipes. The only heat in the dish are those peppers on the plate I used for decoration. I really need to go to the supermarket tomorrow…

Tasty Tofu filling

3/4 cup medium tofu crumbled,1/4 tsp black pepper, salt to taste, 1 large chopped eshallots (those ones with the purple hue), Italian seasoning, 1 tbs chopped fresh parsley, chopped roasted red pepper and chopped  black olives.

To assemble your casserole just layer the tofu filling on a bed of cooked pasta whatever is in your cupboard, layer with your favourite chunky tomato sauce and add cooked zucchini saute in garlic then, another layer of pasta and drizzle the top with tomato sauce and decorate with olives and yeast flakes. Bake and serve warm. If you serve too hot everything would fall to pieces just like what happened to me. Sorry for the poor pic today.

I will do the sauce chien soon but  the ground provison I wanted to demonstrate it on fell rotten so I do not want to make the sauce without a prop.

Have a lovely weekend.

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  1. December 17, 2009 1:01 am

    I find that dehydrating tofu makes it chewier so that when one cooks it, all the flavour does not come out. The only ways I know of are to microwave it on paper towels, or press under something heavy, also on paper towels.

    • Taymer permalink*
      December 17, 2009 1:02 am

      i see u r going through the blog. I press it with plates and some books for a few hours. I do not like to eat tofu like that. It has to be ground up and mixed into something to mask the taste and texture

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